Kernel Parameters

Kernel parameters allows you to configure Kerla at the boot time.

Available Parameters

logLogging configuration (see Logging).log=trace
serial1If it's on, kernel log messages are sent to the secondary serial port (see Logging).serial1=on
dhcpIf it's off, the in-kernel DHCP client won't start.dhcp=off
ip4A static IPv4 address with the network prefix length.ip4=
gateway_ip4A static gateway IPv4 address.gateway_ip4=
pciIf it's off, PCI devices are not discovered.pci=off
pci_devicePCI devices (bus:slot) recognized by Kerla. Multiple parameters are accepted. If it's not given, all PCI devices are allowed.pci_device=0:1
virtio_mmio.deviceThe virtio devices connected over MMIO. Multiple parameters are accepted.virtio_mmio.device=@0xf000:12

How to Set Kernel Parameters


In make, you can specify kernel parameters through CMDLINE=:

make run CMDLINE="dhcp=off"


In GRUB2, use append kernel parameters after the kernel image path:

menuentry "Kerla" {
    multiboot2 /boot/kerla.elf dhcp=off